September 6, 2016 23:16

Web development technologies we use and portfolio

Our philosophy in the field of Web Design & Development is to use the latest technologies for the design, construction and operation of a modern Site while relying on well-established technologies with strong potential for sustainability.

Some of the technologies we use:

  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (+ AJAX & jQuery), for the development of the front-end of the site.
  • PHP (+ Symfony Framework), Java (Servlets & JSP) and MySQL, for the back-end of the site.
  • Git VCS, for history and version control of a project.
  • Node.js, Angular.js, και Gulp.js, for the development of the front-end and to optimize the static assets.
  • Apache + Nginx, as servers for hosting and serving the site.

Some of the platforms we use to base off websites:

  • Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart for building e-shops.
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and phpBB for construction of sites and forums.

We use therefore – where possible – technologies such as JavaScript and PHP and platforms such as WordPress and PrestaShop that have been tested over time and that are expected to be updated for many years to come.

Meanwhile, we follow all the latest developments and strive to use the latest stable versions and practices of these technologies, and to replace outdated tools with other better. Moreover, several popular tools like AngularJS, appeared and became popular in recent years and it is not unheard of in the IT space that quite often new better tools emerge that displace the old.

Finally, there are software technologies that are here to stay (or at least will exist for many years) such as the languages ​​that make up the Web and that usually a site is made of: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Especially HTML and CSS appear to be irreplaceable for what they do.


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