Upgrades for PC and Laptop. Always upgrading with your interests in mind and according to what would be necessary to upgrade, the hardware (e.g. memory RAM) and the Operating System (e.g. Windows).

The most basic and frequent upgrades include the installation of larger capacity disk with more free space to store data, adding RAM memory to increase computer performance, upgrading the video card to support the latest video games and the most demanding renderings, and adding PCI-Express expansion cards such as a sound card or one with more ports to the motherboard (USB 3.0, e-SATA etc.).


Upgrades PC Laptop
central processing unit Upgrade CPU
random access memory Upgrade RAM
solid state drive Upgrade HDD / SSD Storage
graphics card Upgrade graphics card ?
tower fan air cooling (fans) and water cooling ?
basic input/output system Update BIOS / UEFI software



Apart from upgrading your existing system we can assist you in buying or building a new computer. Keep reading.

★ Select PC / Laptop

We help you make the most of your purchase, either you need a desktop computer or a laptop or some other form of computer. For all your ‘computing’ needs you can contact us!

We recommend the following laptop manufacturers:


Company Country
Dell / Alienware, HP, Microsoft (Surface), EVGA, Razer, Velocity Micro, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, CyberPowerPC and CybertronPC USA
MSI, Gigabyte / AORUS, Asus and Acer Taiwan
Samsung, LG South Korea
Lenovo China
Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony Japan


★ PC build

At Computer Gate we build your PC part by part!


We build the PC the customer wants for the money available. Always in consultation with you we choose the best materials for your computer, your needs and your budget. You tell us the amount and we suggest and choose with you the best product / part that you can enter in the box.

Initially we choose the box of your central unit and one by one the necessary parts of the computer, and then all the additional hardware, operating system and software, and peripherals. The most important component is the motherboard which we’ll choose from the best manufacturers such as MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, and Asrock.

✓ Necessary parts:

– Tower (PC Case)
– Motherboard
– Power Supply Unit (PSU)
– Processor (CPU)
– RAM memory
– Hard Drive Disk (HDD/SSHD/SSD)


✪ Additional hardware:

– Coolers & fans
– Graphics card
– Sound card
– Network cards & adapters
– USB cards (PCI-Express)
– Optical disk drives (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray)


✪ Software:

– Operating System
– Drivers
– Antivirus
– Microsoft Office, ACDSee Pro κ.α.


✪ Devices & peripherals:

– Screen
– Mouse
– Keyboard
– Speakers
– Surge
– Wi-Fi adapter
– Bluetooth adapter


★ Tower modifications

We give unique look and style to your central unit. We engrave the design of your choice, make your computer open with remote control and install lights that make your computer stand out! Our tower modifications include:

– plexiglass

– cutting of the box (case modding)

– control knobs for fans

– LED lights

– remote control

tower modification

Zalman GS1000 Case Mod

★ Watercooling installation

We install water cooling systems on your computer.


The benefits of water cooling with respect to the conventional air cooling are detected in three main points.

i) First, water is a much better conductor of heat than air, which means that it absorbs heat faster, but also gives off faster when needed.

ii) Secondly, by the use of water cooling we transfer heat from the components to the radiator (refrigerator) which in turn releases the heat to the environment.
This heat can be absorbed more efficiently by the system, since the radiator can be outside the box or disposed warding the heat to the environment (e.g., positioned on the roof of the box).
Air cooling will release heat directly to the air which remains trapped inside the box. So every component is heated more, especially in boxes without good air flow.

iii) Third, usually water-cooled systems don’t require multiturn fans (and some embodiments do not use fans at all) and therefore the noise is reduced to a minimum.

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