July 6, 2016 22:57

Computer usage advice

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1. You should always carry out Windows and antivirus updates. So that you’re protected from new attacks on the Internet.

2. You shouldn’t install programs that you don’t need or that you are not 100% sure that are safe. That way you avoid loading your operating system with useless data, malware or other malicious software that might be hiding in a non-secure application.

3. Do not visit websites with controversial or illegal material. So that there are less chances of your computer being exposed to viruses, spyware and other malicious software that might be contained in such websites.

4. Do not give out any personal information requested online if you are not sure about the person or entity who is asking for it. So as to avoid giving your personal information to someone who can use it for evil purposes.

5. Do not let children make uncontrolled use of the computer and the Internet. So that children will learn to use the computer in moderation and the parents can have a say on what content they see on the Internet.

6. Do not leave your computer unnecessarily open for a long time. Use the sleep mode and/or automatically turn off the screen. So that your computer is not heated unnecessarily, its life is extended and you save energy.

7. You should use the computer with your body in the correct position and at a distance from the screen, in order to avoid further strain on the body and your eyes.

8. You should make regular breaks when working for long hours on the computer. That way you give your body time to rest and to continue to be productive for longer.


Today computers play an important role at work and in everyday life. But many do not know how to handle the computer. We can help you to learn the basic and / or specialized usage.

Basic Usage

Training in basic usage of computer.

– Regardless of previous experience

– At your own pace

– Using learning material based on your needs

– At your place or in our shop

Advanced Usage

For those who know the computer’s basic usage but are interested in doing something more. We help you learn to use Microsoft Office, Facebook, the Internet, and to find what you are looking for and anything else you need.


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